Ransomware Attack Suspends All Services at Seville City Council – $1.5M Ransom Demanded

October 2, 2023


The Seville City Council has returned to paper notes and in-person procedures after suffering the hijacking of its computer systems by a group of cybercriminals, as confirmed by the City Council. The pirates demand a ransom of more than one million euros and the City Council refuses to pay or agree “with cybercriminals”

The hackers have claimed up to one and a half million dollars (1,396,642 euros) from the municipal government, although it has assured that "in no case will it negotiate with cybercriminals." It is the second successful attack on the municipal website in three years.

All services have been affected.

Incident Date

September 6, 2023



Estimated Cost

$1.5M ransom demanded, paper and in person interactions only

Type of Malware

Threat Source

No threat source identified