Emergency Services Communication System in Kansas down due to cyber incident

April 1, 2024

Riley County’s P25 public safety agency radio communication system lost connection early this morning as part of a cybersecurity incident. Emergency responders in Riley County are currently using the backup state system for emergency communications. P25 is a solution for intra-agency communication, which allows for interoperable, multi-agency communications during an emergency.

This radio network issue is affecting all first responders in Riley County, including police, fire, and emergency medical services. However, this connection problem does not impact the public or 911 systems. Dispatch operators are able to receive calls, dispatch resources, communicate with emergency responders, and activate outdoor warning sirens.

The Riley County Board of County Commissioners met made a local declaration of a disaster emergency in response to the cybersecurity incident

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Switserland: Federal Passwords and Classified Information Stolen

May 23, 2023

On May 23, the Play ransomware group claimed it attacked Xplain – a Swiss IT firm providing services to several federal agencies in the country. The ransomware group leaked the files it stole from the company on June 1, which it claimed included 907 GB of financial and other data.

In March, 2024 SWI news reports that federal passwords and classified information were stolen in the >2023 cyberattack

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Cyberattack at Canadian Engineering Giant Contracted for Government Military, Power and Transportation Projects.

March 9, 2023

A Canadian engineering giant whose work involves critical military, power and transportation infrastructure across the country has been hit with a ransomware attack. Details about the ransomware attack are scarce, with Black & McDonald refusing even to confirm it happened.

Canada’s defense department confirmed Thursday that its systems were not affected by a ransomware attack on engineering giant Black & McDonald. “Once DCC was informed of the incident, it blocked all incoming emails from Black & McDonald out of an abundance of caution and conducted business by phone or in person,” Department of National Defense spokeswoman Jessica Lamirande said in a statement. “Once the contractor restored its email system and informed DCC, email communication resumed.”

Black & McDonald also has contracts with the Toronto Transit Commission and Ontario Power Generation — both of which told The Canadian Press they were informed by the company about the ransomware incident.

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Cyberattack Distrupts Costa Rica Transportation Systems

January 17, 2023

Costa Rica’s Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MOPT) called in Cybersecurity experts from the National Security Directorate and the Ministry of Science, Innovation, Technology and Telecommunications to address the situation that 12 servers were encrypted and all of MOPT’s computer systems were knocked offline. The government did not respond to request for more information but stated that international organizations were brought in for support.

Driving tests are still being conducted in person and while license issuance services were briefly disrupted, they are now being resumed.

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Significant Electrical Malfunctions at Draguignan Prison Center

January 11, 2023

Since Wednesday January 11, the remand center has been plagued by computer difficulties which have caused significant electrical malfunctions. A computer virus is expected to have sowed discord and caused numerous malfunctions. To monitor the inmates, management called on intervention teams while waiting for the cameras to be put back into operation. [machine translated].

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Ransomware Attack at Canadian Weather Network

September 11, 2023

Ransomware hit the Weather Network’s parent company Pelmorex Corp. taking out many of its website and app services. Many critical functions were impaired or shutdown, impacting English, French and Spanish services in North America. Ransomware was not paid.

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DDoS Attack Severely Distrupts Norwegian Data Protection Authority Datatilsynet

September 11, 2023

In September 2023, Norwegian Data Protection Authority Datatilsynet suffered a severe disruption when their website fell victim to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Attributed to the Russian group NoName057(16), the incident caused physical damage, stressing hardware to the point of failure, emphasizing an unusual level of attack sophistication.

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Cyberattack Upended New Flag Voting Process in Martinique

January 2, 2023

A quest to select the first official flag and hymn for the French Caribbean island of Martinique was interrupted Wednesday by a cyberattack. The attack on government servers upended a nearly two-week online voting window that began on Jan. 2. Officials said the attack was not successful but forced them to temporarily shut down the system. They did not say when voting would resume.

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