Paralyzing Cyberattack Hits Danish Cloud Service Companies

September 28, 2023


CloudNordic has told customers to consider all of their data lost following a ransomware infection that encrypted the large Danish cloud provider's servers and "paralyzed CloudNordic completely," according to the IT outfit's online confession. The hackers shut down all of CloudNordic's systems, wiping both company and customers' websites and email systems, even the backups and production data were trashed. CloudNordic isn't prepared, nor able, to pay a ransom, presumably to restore the information and systems. CloudNordic says its "best estimate" is that the infection happened as servers were being moved from one datacenter to another.

Customers with Azero are also affected. CloudNordic and Azero are owned by Denmark-registered Certiqa Holding, which also owns Netquest, a provider of threat intelligence for telcos and governments.

Incident Date

August 18, 2023



Estimated Cost

All customers lost all of their website and email data

Type of Malware

Threat Source

No threat source identified