Paralyzing Cyberattack Hits Danish Cloud Service Companies

August 18, 2023

CloudNordic has told customers to consider all of their data lost following a ransomware infection that encrypted the large Danish cloud provider’s servers and “paralyzed CloudNordic completely,” according to the IT outfit’s online confession. The hackers shut down all of CloudNordic’s systems, wiping both company and customers’ websites and email systems, even the backups and production data were trashed. CloudNordic isn’t prepared, nor able, to pay a ransom, presumably to restore the information and systems. CloudNordic says its “best estimate” is that the infection happened as servers were being moved from one datacenter to another.

Customers with Azero are also affected. CloudNordic and Azero are owned by Denmark-registered Certiqa Holding, which also owns Netquest, a provider of threat intelligence for telcos and governments.

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Trains Stop for Danish Train Operator DSB

October 29, 2022

A breakdown of Denmark’s train network last weekend was the result of a hacker attack on an IT subcontractor’s software testing environment, Danish train operator DSB said.
“We were contacted by our subcontractor who told us that their testing environment had been compromised by criminal hackers,” DSB’s chief of security, Carsten Dam Sonderbo-Jacobsen, told public broadcaster DR.
“It hasn’t targeted infrastructure or DSB, it was economic crime,” Sonderbo-Jacobsen said in a Reuters report, adding it was not clear who was behind the attack, but that investigations were ongoing.

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Wind Turbine Maker Hit in Cyber Attack

November 19, 2021

One of the world’s biggest wind turbine makers, Aarhus, Denmark-based Vestas Wind Systems A/S, shut down computer systems across several locations Saturday to deal with a cyber security incident.
Vestas discovered a cyber security incident Friday and has since then, together with external partners, worked to contain the situation and re-establish the integrity of its IT systems.
The company’s preliminary findings indicate the incident had an impact on parts of Vestas’ internal IT infrastructure and data has suffered compromise.

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