Operations Impacted at Swiss Chocolate Manufacturer Läderach

March 20, 2023


The Swiss chocolatier Läderach became the target of a cyber attack on 5 September. The responsible authorities were informed immediately.

Production, logistics and administration in particular are currently affected by the cyber attack. The use of internal tools and communication channels has been reduced to a minimum as a precautionary measure. "In production, it is still possible to work completely except for a sub-area," the company specifies on request.

UPDATE 10Nov22: The logistics are now also working again and the backlogs in deliveries have already been partially made up. "Since the cash register systems are still impaired, we resort to workarounds (use of cash sales, credit card terminals)," writes Läderach.

Incident Date

September 5, 2022



Estimated Cost

Production, logistics and administration interrupted; Ransom not paid, data published


Type of Malware

Threat Source

No threat source identified