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March 11, 2022: Dairy Plant Operations Offline; No Milk at Schools in New England

After falling victim to cyberattack, HP Hood LLC took all operational systems at their plants (13) offline. As a result, they were unable to receive raw materials or produce milk and other alternative products. The cyberattack affected school lunch programs throughout New England

November 16, 2020: Ransomware Attack at Global Food Supply Giant Americold Impacts Supply Chain

Americold was hit with a cyberattack that led them to shut down their computer systems to prevent the spread of the attack. Sources have told BleepingComputer that the attack has impacted numerous systems, including phone, email, order fulfillment, and inventory management. Customers who have attempted to pick up inventory for delivery have been unable to get access to warehouses. The ransomware operation behind the attack is unknown at this time.

The Atlanta based company has admitted that the attack has hit its supply chain because of which certain companies might see a slowdown in their food processing and distribution operations to retailers rendering services in countries like New Zealand, Argentina, Canada, and Australia.

June 10, 2022: RansomHouse Gang Claims Attack on Largest Supermarket Chain in Africa

Shoprite has been hit by a ransomware attack. On June 10 the company disclosed that they suffered a security incident. RansomHouse, a ransomware gang, has claimed responsibility for the cyberattack, which compromised customer data in Eswatini, Namibia and Zambia. Shoprite said the data breach “included names and ID numbers but no financial information or bank account numbers.”

In messages posted on RansomHouse’s Telegram channel and seen by TechCrunch, the gang, which is said to be targeting companies with weak security, claimed to have obtained 600 gigabytes of data from Shoprite. It said to have collected personal data that was “in plain text/raw photos packed in archived files, completely unprotected.”

June 26, 2022: Apetito’s Security Systems Breached in Sophisticated Cyberattack

Wiltshire Farm Foods and its parent company, Apetito IT and computer systems have been affected by a cyberattack which is causing problems with deliveries in the short term.

The Trowbridge-based company assured customers that no credit card details have been stolen as they are not kept on its computer system. The company’s CEO Paul Freeston said: “Our Crisis Management and IT teams (assisted by specialist external partners) are working all hours to bring critical systems back into operation as soon as possible. However, we expect substantial disruption in the coming days while we address these issues."

Mr Freeston said that WFF and apetito will be unable to make many deliveries in the next few days. The companies are also unable to contact customers personally as they do not have access to their telephone numbers. The company added: “We expect local Meals On Wheels deliveries made by apetito to continue using our emergency procedures."

April 4, 2021: Ransomware Attack at Bakker Logistiek Caused Cheese Shortage in Dutch Supermarkets

Bakker Logistics was hacked over the 2021 Easter weekend, bringing deliveries from its distribution centres to a standstill. The company was no longer able to receive orders from customers, and it also had no visibility into which products were where in the warehouses. Moreover, the hack disrupted the transport planning, according to Director Toon Verhoeven in an interview with the Dutch news broadcaster NOS. This resulted in empty shelves in some stores.

Verhoeven confirmed that it was a ransomware attack and was not willing to comment on whether Bakker actually paid a ransom, but did confirm that the company had reported the incident to the police. It took a specialized security company several days to get the computer systems up and running again. According to Verhoeven, the backlog was expected to be cleared within a week, so the hack was unlikely to lead to a major shortage of cheese products or other groceries.

In a local media report spotted by Bitdefender, Verhoeven said he suspected the attackers gained a foothold through a Microsoft Exchange server vulnerability

September 19, 2021: Ransomware Attack Forces Agricultural Grain Firm in Minnesota to Take Systems Offline

Minnesota agricultural firm Crystal Valley Cooperative targeted in a ransomware attack prompting it to take operating systems offline and to stop accepting major credit cards. . The attack left Crystal Valley unable to mix fertilizer or fulfill orders for livestock feed for 4 days. Grain elevators switched to manual operations issuing paper tickets when receiving grain.

October 22, 2021: Ransomware Attack Disrupted Entire Milk Supply Chain at Scheiber Foods For Days.

Schreiber Foods closed for 3 days in October after cybercriminals compromised its plants and distribution centers. Schreiber uses a variety of digital systems and computers to manage milk processing, "that meant our plants and distribution centers couldn't use those systems, which they need to run. It impacted all of our locations." Andrew Tobisch, director of communications for Schreiber Foods said. "Fortunately, we have a specialized response team that immediately jumped into action."

A cream cheese shortage that hit bagel shops was partially attributed to this attack. The food production giant became the latest critical industry company to be hit with ransomware in recent months as cybercriminals continue to show little fear in attacking a variety of industries.

December 7, 2021: SPAR Supermarkets in Northern England Hit by Ransomware Attack.

The supermarket chain SPAR in Northern England confirmed it was hit by a ransomware attack. More than 300 stores have been affected by the incident, although some have avoided closing by switching to cash payments.

A spokesperson confirmed the nature of the incident to Sky News, but said policy was to not identify the criminal organisation involved. The ransomware attack had impacted all of the company's IT systems and left staff without access to emails.

April 24, 2022: Coca-Cola Hit in Cyberattack

A ransomware gang that falls on the side of Russia said it purloined 161 GB of data from the Coca-Cola company.
Stormous ransomware group said it hacked servers belonging to the Coca-Cola company. Coca-Cola officials, on the other hand, said they are looking into the matter and have contacted law enforcement.
A note on Stormous’ leak site says the they stole 161 GB of data. The stolen file list shows file names suggesting that threat actors stole financial data, passwords, commercial accounts, email addresses, and other data, according to a report on CisoAdvisor.

November 9, 2021: Barcelona’s Damm Brewery Ransomware Attack

Spain's second biggest beer maker Damm halted output at its main brewery outside Barcelona after a cyber attack hit its computer systems earlier this week, a spokesperson said November 12.
The attack hit the brewery on Nov. 9 night and for a few hours the plant in El Prat de Llobregat, which produces 7 million hectolitres of beer a year, was "entirely paralyzed", said Olga Vidal, Damm's head of communications.
A Damm spokesperson said the brewery had suffered a “computer incident in the operating system,” which was “under investigation.”
The same spokesperson said the brewery had activated its emergency response plan and was now working to restore production to its normal level.
Sources close to the brewery said the attack would have been more catastrophic had it taken place in the summer months when more beer is consumed. At that time of year, stocks only last around three days.

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