June 10, 2021: DoE Nuclear Subcontractor Suffers Cyber Attack

A subcontractor for the Department of Energy (DoE) that conducts nuclear weapons-related work, said it fell victim to a security breach.
Sol Oriens is the name of the consulting firm working with DoE’s National Nuclear Security Administration, the federal agency which has a mission of enhancing and securing U.S. nuclear stockpiles. Sol Orien’s work with the nuclear agency remain unclear to the public at this point.

January 15, 2020: Ransomware Bites Defense Manufacturer, Communications & Power Industries

An unsegmented domain appears to be a key aspect into the downfall of a defense industry manufacturer that suffered a ransomware attack.
A source with knowledge of the incident said the defense contractor paid a ransom of about $500,000 shortly after the incident in mid-January, but the company was not yet fully operational, according to a report with
California-based Communications & Power Industries (CPI) makes components for military devices and equipment, like radar, missile seekers and electronic warfare technology. The company works with the U.S. Department of Defense and its advanced research unit DARPA.

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