INCIDENT: Ransomware Attack on ForceNet Communication Platform used by Australian Military

Hackers attacked ForceNet's communications platform used by Australian military personnel and defense staff. The ForceNet service is run by Dialog Information Technology. The Australian Dept. of Veteran Affairs' website states: "Defence has announced that it has been informed that an external ICT service provider which facilitates ForceNet has been subject to a ransomware attack. ForceNet is a Defence e-communications platform used to connect registered users within secure online communities. To be clear, this is not an attack on Defence ICT"
ITWire in Australia reports on 31 October that Dialog was hit by an attack which used the Agenda ransomware that runs only on Windows. The group behind the attack, Qilin, announced it on the dark web on 19 September.

This is the 9th attack in little over a month, affecting Australia's biggest companies, likely exposing the details of millions of customers.

Incident Date

September 10, 2022



Estimated Cost


Type of Malware:

Threat Source:


  • Ransomware attack on Dialog also took down defence app ForceNet
  • Ransomware hackers hit Australian defense communications platform



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