Town Mayor Criticizes Bluewater Health Hospital on Public Dissemination of Ransomware Attack Information.

December 12, 2023


Bluewater Health appears to be the hardest hit of a group of southwestern Ontario hospitals targeted in the cyber-attack. The affected hospitals said restoration is not expected to be complete until mid-December. Patient records dating back more than 30 years, affecting 267,000 patients, were stolen by last month by hackers. All patients treated at its Sarnia Lambton Hospitals from 1992 onward were affected by the breach. In addition, the social insurance numbers of about 20,000 people were taken.

Bluewater Health has refused to answer questions about the ransomware attack, instead issuing updated statements on its recovery progress.

Incident Date

October 23, 2023



Estimated Cost

No cost values disclosed.

Type of Malware

Threat Source

No threat source identified