Russian Federal Air Transport Association Forced to Resort to Manual Operations after Cyberattack

March 16, 2023


A cyberattack on the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency's (Rosaviatsia) infrastructure allegedly erased all documents, files, aircraft registration data and emails from the servers. The agency lost nearly 65 terabytes of data.

An unidentified group (presumed to be the Anonymous Hacking Group) carried out an extremely effective attack on the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency. As part of the attack, all aircraft registration data and emails, totaling approximately a massive 65 terabytes of data, were deleted from the Agency's servers. The attack was so successful that until back-up copies of the electronic data could be found the Agency was forced to resort to using pen and paper and to sending information in hard copy through the post.

There are reports claiming that the mass loss of data may be irretrievable, and sources claim that due to a lack of government funds, many files at Rosaviatsiya were never backed up.

Incident Date

March 28, 2022



Estimated Cost

< 65TB data lost, forced to resort to manual operations

Type of Malware

No Malware identified

Threat Source

No threat source identified