Ransomware Strikes Candymaker

February 13, 2022


Ferrara, the Chicago-based manufacturer of candies like SweeTarts, Laffy Taffy, Nerds, Red Hots, Lemonhead candies, Boston Baked Beans, Atomic Fireballs, Pixy Stix and Everlasting Gobstoppers, has been able to resume production only “in select manufacturing facilities,” a spokesperson said. Ferrara first noticed that hackers were encrypting its computers and demanding a payment on Oct. 9, and has hired outside experts to help restore its systems, the statement said. It disclosed the attack on Tuesday. Hackers encrypted the company's computer system and demanded a payment.

Incident Date

October 9, 2021

Estimated Cost

Shutdown operations and delayed shipments for more than two weeks


Type of Malware

No Malware identified

Threat Source

No threat source identified