Production Outage after Massive Ransomware Attack at Italian Fruttagel

April 7, 2023


Fruttagel, an Agricultural Cooperative Company from Ravenna, suffered an external computer attack. The attack partially and temporarily compromised the company information systems. "The company - reads the note - promptly activated all the emergency procedures, resorting to the expertise of the personnel and cybersecurity experts. However, it was not possible to avoid huge production damages, with the consequent temporary impossibility to send the its products to all customers. The IT system check and recovery times will take a few days, with the hope of being able to restart shipping activities on Thursday 15 December".

"What happened, despite our prompt reaction, is making it impossible to carry out all the production activities and to follow up with the shipment of the packaged products, with considerable damage for the company and obviously for our customers" – says Stanislao Fabbrino, managing director of Fruttagel -.

On January 7, BlackCat/ALPHV published more than 720 gigabytes of corporate data, listing it includes financial and corporate documents, customer data, contracts with companies like IKEA, PepsiCO, etc. SGS certificates, private date, GDPR files, employee contacts, management, large customer base with global companies. Drawings of the company’s products.

Incident Date

December 11, 2022



Estimated Cost

Production outage, 720GB data published


Type of Malware

No Malware identified

Threat Source