Entire Network of Large Australian Prison Security Firm Hacked

July 29, 2022


A ransom attack compromising G4S’s nationwide database impacted the Port Phillip Prison in Melbourne’s west computer systems. “G4S Australia Holdings have confirmed the incident involves data stored on their national corporate IT network,” the spokesperson said. The Port Phillip prison run by G4S, which currently houses 1000 inmates, has increased security and suspended prisoner visits.

Mount Gambier prison also has been caught up in the cyber-attack made on its operator G4S, the incident involved data from its national corporate IT network. Although the attack occurred at Port Phillip prison, the hacker was able to access the company’s entire network in Australia.

October '23 update: “Since the first detection of the incident, we took immediate action to contain the situation by shutting down our local network" a G4S spokesperson said. G4S told current and former employees on Tuesday that it had been the subject of “a cyber incident” that gave an unauthorized third party, “or malware program”, access to G4S systems.

Incident Date

July 7, 2022



Estimated Cost

No cost values disclosed.