Khuzestan Steel among Plants Hit in Cyber Attack; Production Halts

June 28, 2022


Khuzestan Steel Co. (KSC) said the plant had to stop work until further notice “due to technical problems” following “cyberattacks.” The company’s website of the major Iranian steel companies was down on Monday.

Hacktivist group or also possibly nation state actor, Predatory Sparrow (Gonjeshke Darande) claimed responsibility. The attackers caused the foundry to spew hot molten steel and fire onto the factory floor, but not until workers had already cleared the area, unbeknownst of what was about to happen. The timing of their attack is deliberate.

A video captured during one of these attacks was shared on their social platforms as proof. It already has 200,000 views.

Predator Sparrow leaked “top secret documents and tens of thousands of emails” and “trading practices” from the steel makers they attacked. Only the hack on KSC resulted in a public acknowledgment of downtime. Not enough details or evidence avail. on MSC and HOSCO attacks.

Incident Date

June 27, 2022



Estimated Cost

Equipment damage, production halted. Data leaked.