Hackers Breach Systems at Steel giant ThyssenKrupp

February 23, 2024

Steel giant ThyssenKrupp confirms that hackers breached systems in its Automotive division, forcing them to shut down IT systems as part of its response and containment effort. “The threat situation is under control, and we are working on a gradual return to normal operations,” a spokeswoman for the company said. While the shutdown halted production, she said, the company was still able to supply customers.

ThyssenKrupp has clarified that no other business units or segments have been impacted by the cyberattack, which was contained in the automotive division. They are working on gradually returning to normal operations.

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Canadian Stelco Temporarily Suspended Operations

October 25, 2020

Stelco – one of Canada’s oldest and largest steelmakers – has issued a statement revealing that it was the target of a “criminal attack” on its information systems. When the cyberattack first hit, Stelco said that certain operations, which included steel production, were temporarily suspended as a precaution.

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Haynes International Cyberattack Estimated Cost is $18-$20 Million

June 10, 2023

On June 10, 2023, the Company began experiencing a network outage indicative of a cybersecurity incident.
Various aspects of the Company’s networks were down.

On June 21, 2023, less than 2 weeks after the incident began, the Company announced that all manufacturing operations were running and that it had substantially restored administrative, sales, financial and customer service functions. Nevertheless, during those 11 days many aspects of the Company’s production were substantially disrupted.

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German Steelmaker Hacked

April 20, 2023

The IT network of Badische Stahlwerke (BSW) is affected by unauthorized network access. BSW identified the hacker attack on Thursday. The company reacted immediately and shut down all relevant systems in an isolated and controlled manner.

This also affected parts of the production. Employees reportedly furloughed. Parts of the production facilities were started up again on Friday. Investigation is ongoing.

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Thyssenkrupp System Engineering Group Target of Ransomware Attack

August 11, 2020

In August 2020, Mount Locker ransomware gang targeted Engineering and Technology giant ThyssenKrupp in what appears to be a data breach. Threat actors gained access to critical HR information and documentation regarding the company’s present and past employees through the ThyssenKrupp Materials group of firms in the United States and Canada.

Mount Locker ransomware operators advertise what seems to be 30 MB of data related to ThyssenKrupp System Engineering group.

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Thyssenkrupp Technical Trade Secrets Stolen

February 16, 2016

Technical trade secrets were stolen from the steel production and manufacturing plant design divisions of ThyssenKrupp AG in cyber attacks earlier n 2016. ThyssenKrupp was the victim of an economical espionage campaign carried out by hackers based in Southeast Asia. The company said the hackers’ goals were to breach its network and steal technological know-how and research from its industrial research branches.

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Thyssenkrupp Target of Cyberattack

December 20, 2022

German ThyssenKrupp AG said today that it’s fending off a cyberattack against its Materials Services division and corporate headquarters. The form of attack was not disclosed. The attack is said to have been noticed at an early stage by the company’s cybersecurity staff and efforts are underway to limit the attack and bring it to an end. No other sections of ThyssenKrupp have been affected by the attack.

No cybercriminal group has yet accepted responsibility for the attack.

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Khuzestan Steel among Plants Hit in Cyber Attack; Production Halts

June 27, 2022

Khuzestan Steel Co. (KSC) said the plant had to stop work until further notice “due to technical problems” following “cyberattacks.” The company’s website of the major Iranian steel companies was down on Monday.

Hacktivist group or also possibly nation state actor, Predatory Sparrow (Gonjeshke Darande) claimed responsibility. The attackers caused the foundry to spew hot molten steel and fire onto the factory floor, but not until workers had already cleared the area, unbeknownst of what was about to happen. The timing of their attack is deliberate.

A video captured during one of these attacks was shared on their social platforms as proof. It already has 200,000 views.

Predator Sparrow leaked “top secret documents and tens of thousands of emails” and “trading practices” from the steel makers they attacked. Only the hack on KSC resulted in a public acknowledgment of downtime. Not enough details or evidence avail. on MSC and HOSCO attacks.

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Bluescope Shutdown of Operations

September 15, 2020

Worldwide shut down of operations after cyberattack. The ransomware infection was discovered yesterday morning in one of Bluescope Steel’s United States-based businesses. The company had reverted to manual operations where possible, but some processes such as steel despatches were continuing as normal. Steelmaking at Port Kembla, Australia was continuing, however the hot strip mill was temporarily disrupted.

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