Hive Ransomware Group Attacks International French Clothing Stores

October 26, 2022


Damart, a French clothing company is being extorted for $2 million after a cyberattack from the Hive ransomware gang. Damart operates over 130 stores across the world. Operational issues were still reported on Aug. 24, when 92 of its stores were found to be disrupted. Attackers infiltrated its Active Directory, which prompted the encryption of some systems.

The threat actors haven't posted the victim on their extortion site, opting to keep negotiations private. Damart has not engaged in negotiations with the cybercriminals. The company informed the national police of the incident, which makes it unlikely that Hive would receive a payment.

Incident Date

August 15, 2022



Estimated Cost

Operations disrupted at 92 stores; $2M demanded


Type of Malware

No Malware identified

Threat Source