Biggest Data Breach to-date in France Affects 50% of the Population

January 28, 2024

Two French service providers for medical insurance companies were targeted by a cyberattack. The hack has been determined to impact over 33 million people in the country. The “tiers payant,” a payment system in which the patient doesn’t have to pay the full cost of medical services upfront, may be unavailable for certain health professionals but still available for the patients.

While the exposed data does not include financial info, it is still enough to raise the risk of phishing scams, social engineering, identity theft, and insurance fraud for the exposed individuals.

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Schneider Electric Sustainability Business Hit by Cactus Ransomware Gang

January 17, 2024

Schneider Electric confirmed a ransomware attack that affected its Sustainability Business division. The attack disrupted some of Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Resource Advisor cloud platform. The Cactus ransomware gang claims they stole 1.5TB of data. 25MB of allegedly stolen were also leaked on the operation’s dark web leak site today as proof of the threat actor’s claims. It is not known if Schneider Electric will be paying a ransom demand.

At a recent PASA Connect roundtable event, three of the 13 Chief Product Officers in attendance confirmed minor issues related to the incident.

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Wannacry Affects Operations at Several Renault Plants

May 12, 2017

Global cyberattack caused widespread disruption including stoppages at several of Renault-Nissan sites. Renault and its Japanese partner are the only major car manufacturers so far to have reported production problems resulting from Friday’s WannaCry ransomware worm attack that spread to more than 150 countries.

The cyber attack halted or reduced the output of at least five Renault sites over the weekend. Besides Douai, they included a van plant in Sandouville, France; a small-car plant in Slovenia; the no-frills Dacia plant in Pitesti, Romania; and a factory shared with Nissan in Chennai, India.

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X-FAB Group Targeted by Cyberattack

July 5, 2020

X-FAB Group was the target of a cyber security attack. Following the advice of leading security experts engaged by X-FAB, all IT systems have been immediately halted. As an additional preventive measure, production at all six manufacturing sites has been stopped. At this stage it cannot be estimated for how long and to which degree X-FAB’s operations will be disrupted. It is also too early to assess if there will be any financial impact stated company press release.

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Significant Electrical Malfunctions at Draguignan Prison Center

January 11, 2023

Since Wednesday January 11, the remand center has been plagued by computer difficulties which have caused significant electrical malfunctions. A computer virus is expected to have sowed discord and caused numerous malfunctions. To monitor the inmates, management called on intervention teams while waiting for the cameras to be put back into operation. [machine translated].

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Crystal Manufacturer Baccarat S.A Experienced Cyberattack on Undisclosed Data

September 1, 2023

Baccarat S.A., the renowned crystal manufacturer, experienced a cyberattack on an undisclosed date, causing partial operational disruption. While the impact on production remains uncertain, Baccarat reassured clients of no compromised personal data. The company, proactive in communication, urged clients to report suspicious messages.

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Snatch Claims it Breached Hemeria Group, partner of the French Space Agency CNES

April 18, 2022

The Snatch ransomware group has claimed in a post on February 17, 2023, that it has breached the systems of Hemeria Group, a partner of defense and space systems maker of the French Space Agency CNES in 2022. According to the leak site post, the operators of Snatch state they initiated talks with the Palace of Versailles to maintain caution because the company data is considered a state secret.

Cybersecurity researchers have posted about the Hemeria Group data breach with screenshots from the ransomware group’s post.
Hemeria management replied by denying having anything to do with the data that Snatch had. The firm also did not seem to be affected by the data breach news.

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Operational Slowdown after Hack at French BBQ Manufacturer

September 18, 2023

French BBQ manufacturer Somagic was infected over the weekend by MedusaLocker ransomware, halting production. Employees were surprised when they showed up at work on Monday morning only to discover all their IT systems were rendered unusable as all files were encrypted and left with a “.medusa” file extension.

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Complicated Situation for Management at French Prison as CyberAttack cuts Power

January 11, 2023

Since Wednesday January 11, the remand center has been plagued by computer difficulties which have caused significant electrical malfunctions. “A virus was installed in the system via a USB key used by a teacher who was giving a lesson to inmates that day,” confirms Julien André, CGT staff representative within the establishment. prison. The computer system was shut down.

The prison was without power last weekend. “Friday evening, the pellets blew, cutting off all the electricity supply to the jail (sic), says Julien André, on duty that day. No more light, no more surveillance cameras.” A complicated situation for the management of the establishment, which had to call in numerous reinforcements.

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