Dutch Port Authority Websites Bombarded With a DDoS Attack

November 30, 2023


The Port of Rotterdam, the largest seaport in Europe, reportedly suffered a major cyberattack that knocked off its official website for hours. According to Dutch news agency RTL Nieuws, a group of pro-Russian hackers targeted the Port of Rotterdam’s website and bombarded it with a DDoS attack. The websites of several other Dutch ports, including Groningen, Amsterdam, and Den Helder were also targeted by the threat actors.

While the official websites of the port authorities in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Den Helder were offline for several hours, the Groningen Seaport website was offline for the entire weekend. “For us, the website is important because we can inform the public, but we are not dependent on the website,” a spokesperson for the Port of Rotterdam said.

Port authorities also said that no other internal systems were affected by the attack and systems used for handling shipping were not impacted.

The Dutch National Cyber Security Centre repo

Incident Date

June 14, 2023



Estimated Cost

No cost values disclosed.