AW North Carolina Hit in Ransomware Attack

March 24, 2021


August 2016 at the Durham, NC-based 2,200-worker transmission factory, AW North Carolina, a computer virus flowed through the plant’s network like a raging river, flooding machines with data and stopping production for about four hours, said John Peterson, the plant’s information technology manager. Add the cost of downtime at $270,000 an hour that adds up to $1.08 million for a four-hour shut down.
Data on some laptops was lost, but the malicious ransomware ended up blocked by a firewall when it tried to exit the plant’s network and put the hackers’ lock on the plant’s computer network.
The plant was hit again in April 2017, this time different bad guys used an alternative type of ransomware, Peterson said. Learning from the previous attack, the attack ended up contained before affecting production. No ransom was paid to either group, he said.

Incident Date

April 1, 2017

Estimated Cost


Type of Malware

No Malware identified

Threat Source

No threat source identified