German Autopart Supplier Billstein Hit by Ransomware Attack

April 28, 2023

The Bilstein Group was apparently recently hit by a ransomware attack. At the end of April, 60 GB of internal company data appeared on the dark web. This includes human resources, accounting and financial data. The auto parts specialist confirmed to CSO that there had been a recent cyber attack. “However, this was quickly discovered by our systems and IT specialists, so the impact was marginal,” explained a spokesman. The company did not want to release any further information about the case. It is not known whether there was a blackmail letter demanding a ransom.

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KIA Motors GA Plant Hit in Cyber Incident

September 6, 2023

A cybersecurity incident shut down manufacturing at the KIA Motors West Point, Georgia facility earlier this month.
While KIA addressed the problem in a day, manufacturing ground to a halt September 6 when shifts, and deliveries ended up disrupted. A KIA spokesperson confirmed some details related to the cybersecurity issue.
“Kia Georgia was alerted by a supplier of a cybersecurity issue that has resulted in a disruption to our regular production schedule. Kia Georgia is working closely with the supplier to minimize impact and anticipates a prompt return to normal operations,” said Patrick Sands, a spokesperson with KIA.
It appears the auto manufacturer and other auto suppliers, who operate on the same software system, ended up hacked by cyber pirates who demanded a ransom to restore data and service.

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Inside Job: Tesla Suffers Data Breach

May 10, 2023

Two former Tesla workers released confidential information regarding over 75,000 people to a German media outlet this past May.
The breach occurred May 10 and Tesla took immediate action to quell the breach and make sure information did not release.
The auto giant said in a statement to its customers:
“At Tesla, we take data privacy and security seriously— so we are writing to tell you about a data incident that involved your information. While we have not identified evidence of misuse of the data in a manner that may cause harm to you, we are nonetheless providing you with this notice to ensure that you are aware of what happened and the measures we have taken.”

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German Autoparts Specialist, the Bilstein Group, Confirms Cyberattack

April 29, 2023

The Bilstein Group was apparently recently hit by a ransomware attack. The perpetrators published company data on the dark web. The auto parts specialist confirmed to CSO that a recent cyber attack occurred. “However, this was quickly discovered by our systems and IT specialists, so that the effects were marginal,” explained a spokesman. The company declined to release any further information about the case. It is not known if there was a ransom note.

The BianLian ransomware gang has put the Bilstein Group on its victim list. In late April, 60GB of internal company data surfaced on the dark web, this includes includes personnel, accounting and financial data.

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Gentex Corp. Hacked; Ransomware Gang Leaks 5TB of Data

March 28, 2023

Gentex Corporation confirmed it suffered a ransomware attack a few months ago. Gentex issued a statement saying “the breach has not had an impact on our operations.”

TechTarget Editorial received an email May 18, 2023 purportedly from a Dunghill operator claiming the group breached the Michigan-based technology and manufacturing company. The email contained a link to a Tor site that allegedly contained 5 TB of sensitive corporate data, including emails, client documents and the personal data of 10,000 Gentex employees such as Social Security numbers.

The Dunghill ransomware gang claimed responsibility for the attack a month ago: “Gentex has ignored fact of the data leak. Some defence part of data leaked too,” a Dunghill representative wrote in the email.

In addition, Dunghill claimed it has shared the stolen data with manufacturers from China, India and the U.S. “because Gentex refused to cooperate.” It did not address whether those manufacturers were Gentex competitors, partners or both. Gentex has not responded to follow-up questions at press time.

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Production at Canadian Tool Manufacturer Exco Technologies Interrupted

January 17, 2023

A Canadian-based international manufacturer of die cast tools and car parts has been the victim of a cyber attack. Exco Technologies said Monday that three production facilities within its Large Mould Group are recovering from a cyber incident last week. The Toronto-headquartered company temporarily disabled some computer systems as it investigated this incident. It is in the middle of bringing these systems back online, and expects operations to be substantially restored over the next two weeks.

Shipments to customers have not and are not expected to be materially interrupted. The statement didn’t detail the kind of attack, or whether personal or corporate data was accessed. It said independent experts have been retained to help the company in dealing with the matter.

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Cyberattack Halts Production at Factories of Suzuki Motorcycle India

May 10, 2023

Suzuki Motorcycle India – the Japanese two-wheeler maker has been compelled to stop production at its factories due to a “cyber-attack” on its operations. According to several people in the know, the production has been stalled since Saturday, May 10, and it is estimated to have incurred a production of loss of over 20,000 vehicles in this timeframe.

As part of its measures to address the situation at hand, a few days ago, Suzuki Motorcycle informed its ecosystem that due to an “unprecedented business requirement”, it has postponed its annual supplier conference, which was scheduled to be held next week.n as saying.

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Rheinmetall’s Automotive Sector Hit by Cyberattack

April 14, 2023

German automotive and arms manufacturer Rheinmetall suffered a cyberattack on Friday, the company said. The attack hit Rheinmetall’s business unit that serves industrial customers, particularly in the automotive sector. The company’s defense division — which produces military vehicles, weapons, and ammunition — remained unaffected and continues to operate “reliably,” Rheinmetall’s spokesperson Oliver Hoffmann said in an email to Recorded Future News.
Rheinmetall is currently investigating the extent of the damage and is in close contact with the relevant cybersecurity authorities, Hoffmann said.

The timing of the attack aligned with Rheinmetall’s talks of constructing a new tank factory in Ukraine.

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Ransomware Attack at Major Tesla Competitor, NIO

December 20, 2022

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Nio revealed a major data breach. The hack exposed certain confidential customer and vehicle sales-related information before August 2021. It is believed the hackers demanded $2.25 million worth of Bitcoin in exchange for not leaking their internal data.

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Production Disrupted at Belgian Truckbuilder Mol after Cyberattack.

December 7, 2022

Mol Cy, the company in Belgium that builds trucks, trailers and soon also armored vehicles, was hit by a ransomware attack. A week later, the company is still rebuilding the network. According to the CEO, production was not compromised. “Supplies had just taken place and orders were in progress. Our production was of course disrupted, but in the end it did not come to a standstill. It was a bit more difficult to work at a number of workstations where computers provide information. But our staff managed to make do.” In recent days, about 50 employees have been at home for a while. “Especially our administrative staff cannot do their work without a PC and network. Unfortunately, they were temporarily unemployed.”

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