INCIDENT: Aussie Brewer, Lion, Production Hit After Ransomware Attack

One week after an Australian beverages company Lion ended up hit by a ransomware attack, production continues to suffer.
Lion, a maker of beers and other beverages, suffered a ransomware attack last Monday which shut down their IT systems, causing some disruption to our suppliers and customers.
“Our investigations have shown that a partial IT system outage at Lion is a result of a ransomware attack,” the company said on its web site June 15. “In response, we immediately shut down key systems as a precaution. Our IT teams and expert cyber advisors have continued working throughout the weekend to investigate this incident, working to bring systems back online safely.

Incident Date

June 9, 2020



Estimated Cost



Type of Malware:

No Malware identified

Threat Source:

No threat source identified


  • Aussie Brewer’s Production Hit After Ransomware Attack
  • Lion warns of beer shortages following ransomware attack



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