Killnet Launches DDoS Attacks on EUROCONTROL Website

April 19, 2023

EUROCONTROL has confirmed that its website has been under attack since April 19 when pro-Russian hackers claimed responsibility for the disruption. This attack has since caused interruptions to the website and web availability. The cyberattack did not disrupt any flight operation.

Russia’s KillNet group claimed to be behind the last weekend a DdoS attack targeting Eurocontrol, the European air traffic control organization. A DDoS attack on EUROCONTROL’s website could have serious repercussions, with the potential to disrupt air traffic control across Europe.

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DDoS Attack Took Down the North Sea Port Website

June 20, 2023

A DDoS attack took down the North Sea Port website, the company that operates the ports of Vlissingen and Terneuzen in Zeeland, and the Gent port in Belgium. The website was inaccessible for several hours, starting at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

By early afternoon, the attack had been repelled, and the site was up and running again. Work in the port continued as usual, those systems were not affected.

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Production Disrupted at Belgian Truckbuilder Mol after Cyberattack.

December 7, 2022

Mol Cy, the company in Belgium that builds trucks, trailers and soon also armored vehicles, was hit by a ransomware attack. A week later, the company is still rebuilding the network. According to the CEO, production was not compromised. “Supplies had just taken place and orders were in progress. Our production was of course disrupted, but in the end it did not come to a standstill. It was a bit more difficult to work at a number of workstations where computers provide information. But our staff managed to make do.” In recent days, about 50 employees have been at home for a while. “Especially our administrative staff cannot do their work without a PC and network. Unfortunately, they were temporarily unemployed.”

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Malta Oil Terminal, run by Evos, One of Several European Facilities Hit by a Cyberattack

February 3, 2022

“Evos said it had suffered delays at its terminals in Terneuzen in the Netherlands, Ghent in Belgium and Malta.” The company admitted to having several port terminals hit in multiple countries simultaneously: Terneuzen in The Netherlands; Ghent in Belgium and Birzebbuga in Malta. They only admitted to delays, not a complete shutdown. The Malta facility was acquired from Oiltanking last year, and could be subject to similar vulnerabilities.

Oiltanking Deutschland and Mabanaft, two German oil companies, were also hit by cyberattacks. Unconfirmed reports suggest that BlackCat ransomware may have compromised systems at these recent attacks.

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Belgian Hospital CHwapi victim of a cyberattack: operations canceled

January 17, 2021

Cyberattack at Center Hospitalier de Wallonie Picarde (CHwapi) in Tournai, Belgium has left its systems crippled cancelling surgeries for 2 days and diverting emergency cases to other hospitals for one week.

No less than 80 of the 300 computer servers were affected. Since the personal data of the admissions department were no longer accessible, the staff has returned to using pen and paper. No computer theft was committed and no ransom demand was made.

A team from the federal police’s Computer Crime Unit was on site to support the hospital’s computer specialists.

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Oil Terminals In Europe Suffer Cyberattack

January 27, 2022

Major oil terminals in Western Europe’s largest ports have fallen victim to a cyberattack, sources confirmed.
Belgian prosecutors launched an investigation into the hacking of oil facilities in the country’s maritime entryways, including Antwerp, Europe’s second largest port after Rotterdam. In Germany, prosecutors said they were investigating a cyberattack targeting oil facilities in what was described as a possible ransomware strike, in which hackers demand money to reopen hijacked networks.

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