The Norwegian meat processing company to shut down its entire IT system ahead of a forensics investigation and the cleansing of computers connected to the company’s central IT system.
Nortura detected the attack at an early stage and was able to limit damage to its IT system by shutting down Internet access, said CEO Anne Marit Panengstuen. The swift action prevented hackers from capturing data or encrypting operating system files.
“Cyber threats are becoming more common generally and we keep investing to protect our business against bad actors. We have good contingency plans, which were activated when we became aware of the attack,” said Panengstuen. “We also had an element of luck on our side as we had conducted an IT cyber security contingency exercise in 2021 that was based on a similar threat profile.”
Nortura’s standby cyber security protocols were employed to forensically establish if computers within the group’s IT system had been compromised. A full cleanse was carried out before the central IT system, which supports Nortura’s meat processing plants across Norway, was fully restored on 10 January 2022.