Anonymous Sudan

Threat Actor

Anonymous Sudan is not an authentic part of the Anonymous hacktivist movement but “most likely created as part of a Russian information operation to harm and complicate Sweden's NATO application,” according to a report published by Swedish cybersecurity company Truesec.

Truesec noted the Anonymous Sudan account on Telegram has its user location listed as Russia, and most of its targets are nations that support Ukraine in its fight against Russia. Other research from the Chicago-based company Trustwave found that there are indications that Anonymous Sudan is a sub-group of the Pro-Russian state-sponsored hacker group Killnet. Anonymous Sudan has openly associated itself with this group.

Trustwave also found some evidence that Anonymous Sudan is financially motivated, as it attempted to sell data stolen from French flag carrier Air France.

Although the group mainly carries out unsophisticated DDoS attacks, they can have serious consequences as they target critical facilities such as hospitals, airports, banks, and government institutions, the researchers said.