Swiss Drug Manufacturer Siegfried Shuts Down Production after Cyberattack

May 21, 2021

The Siegfried Group suFfered a cyber attack shortly before Pentecost. THe Swiss company shut down production at multiple sites, cut off network connections, and scoured its information technology systems. Among other things, Siegfried packages the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

As a result of the attack, there will be certain volume and revenue shortfalls in the first half of the year. Based on the results of the forensic investigations, which are well advanced, the Siegfried Group continues to assume that no sensitive customer data were affected by the incident.

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Cyberattack at Drug Distributor Alliance Healthcare Impacts Pharmacies in Spain.

March 17, 2023

A cyberattack on one of the main distributors of Catalan pharmacies, Alliance Healthcare, is disrupting medicines supplies, according to the Spanish daily ‘El País.’ A week later, the company’s website is still completely inaccessible. Alliance Healthcare’s billing systems and ordering processes are also in utter chaos, El País’ sources said. Outages led to supply delays, with pharmacies across the northeastern Catalonia region seeing the biggest impact.

While the affected company is one of the leading distributors to Catalan pharmacies, the industry has been able to cope with medicines supplies as they work with different distribution companies.

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Cyberattack hits Multiple Sites of Pharmaceutical Vibrac Group

June 19, 2023

The Virbac Group was the target of a cyber attack on several of its sites worldwide during the night of June 19-20. “As soon as we became aware of the attack, we immediately took steps to contain it. At the same time, we set up a crisis unit including dedicated cybersecurity experts to assess the impact on our systems and organize remediation operations.”

“As a result of this attack, we are currently experiencing a slowdown or temporary interruption of some of our services.”

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Boots also Victim MOVEit Software Hack at Zellis

June 7, 2023

British Airways (BA), the BBC, Ofcom and Boots were among a number of organisations that were reportedly victims of a major recent cyber-attack, resulting in the breach of numerous staff details.

The stolen data is said to include staff names, staff ID numbers and national insurance numbers (although, importantly, not banking details). But, other than for those personally affected, the real issue is what this attack reveals about the evolution of cybercrime.

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Pharmedica Discloses March Databreach Exposed Medical Data of 5.8M

March 12, 2023

Pharmacy services provider PharMerica has disclosed a massive data breach. According to a data breach notification to authorities, hackers breached the system on March 12th, 2023, stealing the full names, addresses, dates of birth, social security numbers (SSNs), medications, and health insurance information of 5,815,591 people.

The Money Message ransomware gang claimed the attack on March 28th, 2023, when they began publishing stolen data.

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Significant Revenue Loss at Indian Pharmaceutical Giant after Cyberattack

May 20, 2023

Pharmaceutical company Granules India has reported a significant loss of revenue and profitability after a cyber security attack late last month. The attack led to major disruptions in the company’s IT systems, as well as delays in meeting regulatory requirements and quality standards.
The company reported the incident on May 25. News outlets reported on June 29 that the company said that it has managed to restore production near to normalcy.

Russian ransomware group LockBit has taken responsibility for the cyberattack on Granules India.

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Enzo Biochem Breach Exposes Clinical Test Data on 2.5M People

April 6, 2023

Biotechnology company Enzo Biochem has revealed that the clinical test information of roughly 2.47 million individuals was exposed in a recent ransomware attack.

The incident resulted in certain systems being disconnected from the internet.

On April 11, Enzo Biochem’s investigation revealed that the attackers accessed and exfiltrated certain information from its systems, including names, clinical test information, and, in some cases, Social Security numbers.

Enzo Biochem expects increased regulatory scrutiny to follow and notes that the full cost and impact of the incident are still under evaluation.

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Eisai Pharma Takes Systems Offline After Ransomware Attack

June 3, 2023

Japanese pharma group Eisai Co., Ltd. says it is battling a ransomware attack that was launched on June 3. This resulted in some of its servers becoming encrypted. The attack affected servers both within and outside Japan, and resulted in some of the group’s IT functions, including logistics systems, being taken off line.

For now, it says the corporate websites and email services remain operational, and there’s no clear indication yet whether sensitive data has been leaked. “Eisai Group is working closely with external experts and law enforcement in an effort to protect its systems and to make a successful recovery.”

“Any potential impact of this incident on the consolidated earnings forecast of this fiscal year is currently under careful examination,” it said.

At the time of writing, it’s not clear if the attack is linked to the other recent data hacks of Cl0p ransomware gang.

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Databreach Impacts Business Operations at Sun Pharmaceutical

March 2, 2023

A ransomware group has claimed responsibility for ‘IT security incident’ at Sun Pharma whose effect included breach of certain file systems and the theft of certain company data and personal data, the drugmaker said in a stock exchange filing. “As part of the containment measures, we proactively isolated our network and initiated the recovery process. As a result of these measures, Company’s business operations have been impacted,” it said. “Consequently, revenues are expected to be reduced in some of our businesses. The Company would incur expenses in connection with the incident and the remediation.”

Sun Pharma first reported the incident on March 2. Back then it said that the incident did not affect Sun’s core systems and operations. On March 27 the company said it is currently unable to determine other potential adverse impacts of the incident.

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