Databreach at Telco Tangerine Impacts 230K Inidviduals

February 18, 2024

Tangerine suffered a data breach that exposed the personal information of roughly 230,000 individuals. Tangerine management became aware of the incident 2 days after the breach, on Tuesday 20 February 2024.

The telecommunications provider pointed out that no financial information (credit or debit card numbers, banking details) has been compromised. The attack did not affect the availability or operation of their nbn® or mobile services.

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Network Disruptions after Cyberattack on Israel’s Mobile Service Provider, Pelephone

January 25, 2024

Hacktivist group Anonymous Sudan has claimed responsibility for a cyberattack on Israel’s largest mobile service provider, Pelephone, resulting in disruptions to its network and digital infrastructure. The group declared the attack as part of its ongoing campaign against prominent Israeli targets, specifically mentioning the impact on Pelephone’s critical systems, including SCADA and other infrastructure-based endpoints.

The cyberattack was claimed by Anonymous Sudan to have practically taken Pelephone’s entire digital infrastructure offline through a sophisticated cyberattack.

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Lockbit Demands $100K after Ransomware Attack at UAE Telecoms Group

February 16, 2024

ETISALAT, state-owned Emirates Telecommunications Group Company in the UAE, is reportedly grappling with a ransomware attack attributed to LockBit ransomware group. The hackers are demanding $100,000 for the return of the pilfered data, setting a deadline of April 17th.

The attack has seen sensitive data belonging to Etisalat uploaded onto the Lockbit website, with the cybercriminals demanding a substantial $100,000 ransom for its security. ETISALAT official website remains accessible, raising doubts about the validity of LockBit’s claims.

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Emergency Services Communication System in Kansas down due to cyber incident

April 1, 2024

Riley County’s P25 public safety agency radio communication system lost connection early this morning as part of a cybersecurity incident. Emergency responders in Riley County are currently using the backup state system for emergency communications. P25 is a solution for intra-agency communication, which allows for interoperable, multi-agency communications during an emergency.

This radio network issue is affecting all first responders in Riley County, including police, fire, and emergency medical services. However, this connection problem does not impact the public or 911 systems. Dispatch operators are able to receive calls, dispatch resources, communicate with emergency responders, and activate outdoor warning sirens.

The Riley County Board of County Commissioners met made a local declaration of a disaster emergency in response to the cybersecurity incident

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Massive Ransomware Attack at Tigo, Paraguay’s Largest Telco

January 4, 2024

A ransomware attack has wreaked havoc inside the network of Tigo, the largest mobile operator and internet service provider in Paraguay. The incident took place on January 4, and impacted the telco’s business branch.

Reports stated that over 330 servers were encrypted, and backups were compromised during the attack. At least 300 companies and some government organizations were impacted downstream. The companies lost phone service and files hosted on Tigo servers.

The Tigo attack has been attributed by local media to a ransomware group named BlackHunt.

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Server Outage at Telecom DOCOMO Pacific

March 17, 2023

The largest provider of mobile, television, internet and telephone services to the U.S. territories of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands is slowly recovering from a cyberattack that brought down many of its services. The outages started on Thursday evening, and by Friday Docomo Pacific CEO Roderick Boss confirmed that the company’s servers were attacked “Early this morning, a cyber security incident occurred and some of our servers were attacked … affected servers shut down to isolate the intrusion,” Boss explained in a statement.

“DOCOMO PACIFIC’s customer data, mobile network services, and fiber services remain unaffected, protected, and secure at this time. We are working to restore service as soon as possible.

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Ukrainian Online Surveillance Cameras Allegedly Hacked by Russia to Carry Out Deadly Drone Attacks

January 2, 2024

Ukraine’s security officers said they took down two online surveillance cameras that were allegedly hacked by Russia to spy on air defense forces and critical infrastructure in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv.

The cameras were installed on residential buildings in Kyiv and were initially used by residents to monitor the surrounding area and parking lot. After hacking them, the Russian intelligence services supposedly gained remote access to the cameras, changed their viewing angles, and connected them to YouTube to stream sensitive footage.

According to Ukraine’s security service, SBU, this footage likely helped Russians direct drones and missiles toward Kyiv during a large-scale missile strike against Ukraine on Tuesday. During the attack, Russia fired almost 100 drones and missiles, primarily targeting Kyiv and Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city. At least 5 people were killed, and 129 were injured.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, the SBU said it has blocked about 10,000 digital security cameras that Moscow might have used to prepare for missile strikes on Ukraine.

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Databreach at European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)

September 27, 2023

On 27 September 2023 the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) reported that hackers have stolen a database identifying its users.
It is not yet clear whether the attack was financially motivated or if the hackers had intended to acquire the list of users for espionage purposes.

Following the incident, ETSI, which is based in the Sophia Antipolis technology park in the French Riviera, said it brought in France’s cybersecurity agency ANSSI “to investigate and repair the information systems.” The nonprofit said the “vulnerability on which the attack was based has been fixed,” although it did not identify the vulnerability.

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