World’s Largest Copper Smelter Largely Maintains Operations after Cyberattack

October 31, 2022


Aurubis, Europe's largest copper smelting company, sustained a cyberattack. The company believes it was targeted as part of a larger campaign against the metals sector. It responded by shutting down certain IT systems and isolating them from the Internet. Its core industrial processes have continued to function. "The production and environmental protection facilities at the smelter sites are running, and incoming and outgoing goods are also being maintained manually," Aurubis said. "Transitional solutions are being implemented to make the company's full services available to business partners again starting next week. Customers and suppliers can still reach their Aurubis contacts by phone."

Incident Date

October 21, 2022



Estimated Cost

Shares fell more than 4 percent on the news.


Type of Malware

No Malware identified

Threat Source

No threat source identified