USA’s ASPR issues Alert as Ransomware Gang Attacks Cancer Centers.

February 14, 2024


An attack against a US cancer center in June 2023 rendered digital services unavailable, limiting the center’s patient care capabilities.The group calling itself TimisoaraHackerTeam (THT), is not widely known but it has a history of attacking medical facilities by exploiting known vulnerabilities and using a living-off-the-land approach to minimize detection.

ASPR Healthcare and Public Health Sector issued a Cybersecurity Notification and warning on June 16, 2023: “Even among hackers, there is often a code of conduct not to attack hospitals or other HPH organizations that could cause physical harm,” HHS stated. “However, in their purposeful targeting of the healthcare sector, groups like THT abstain from that moral code.”

Incident Date

June 16, 2023

Estimated Cost

No cost values disclosed.


No victims identified