Systems at German Wind Turbine Servicing company Windtechnik Targeted

March 25, 2023


On April 11 systems of Deutsche Windtechnik, a German wind turbine servicing company, were targeted by a cyberattack. The company was able to reactivate the remote data monitoring connections to the wind turbines after 1-2 days. The system had been switched off for security reasons. "We are very happy that the wind turbines that we look after did not suffer any damage and were never in danger. Deutsche Windtechnik's operational maintenance activities for our clients resumed again on April 14 and are running with only minor restrictions. We were able to assess all IT systems in a secure environment and to identify and isolate the problems." the company stated on their website.

The company disclosed that the attackers used ransomware only after Black Basta added Windtechnik to their victim list, which is posted on their Tor site.

Incident Date

April 11, 2022



Estimated Cost

System down for 2 days, no damage reported.

Type of Malware

No Malware identified

Threat Source