Sweden’s Largest Supermarket Chain Closes Stores in Ransomware Attack

May 26, 2022


Coop, one of Sweden’s largest supermarket store chains, has shut down nearly 800 stores across the country after one of its contractors was hit by ransomware in the aftermath of the Kaseya security incident on Friday. The stores were closed after cash registers and self-serving stations went down and prevented Coop employees from processing in-store payments. Stores remained closed for two days.
The incident took place at the same time that a ransomware gang managed to infiltrate its way into the network of Kaseya, a provider of remote management app solutions, and deployed a version of the REvil ransomware to some of Kaseya’s customers, disguised as an update to the VSA software.

Incident Date

July 2, 2021



Estimated Cost

2 days downtime

Type of Malware

Threat Source