INCIDENT: Ransomware Hits Snap-On Tool Maker

American automotive tools manufacturer Snap-on suffered an attack from the Conti ransomware gang.
The attacker started leaking the company’s data in March. Snap-on is a manufacturer and designer of tools, software, and diagnostic services used by the transportation industry through various brands, including Mitchell1, Norbar, Blue-Point, Blackhawk, and Williams.
Snap-on disclosed a data breach Thursday after they detected suspicious activity in their network, which led to them shutting down all of their systems. After conducting an investigation, Snap-on found attackers purloined personal employee data between March 1 and March 3.

Incident Date

March 1, 2022


United States

Estimated Cost

Ransomware attack cost unknown.


Type of Malware:

Threat Source:

No threat source identified


  • Snap-on discloses data breach claimed by Conti ransomware gang
  • Snap-On Tool Maker Hit By Ransomware




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