Ransomware Attack Halts Operations at Ziegler Fire Engine Manufacturer

June 28, 2023


On February 9th, the company noticed a cyber attack and shut down all systems.

On March 13, company spokes person Matthias Mühlbacher said “It was almost possible to restore the current situation at that time. Normal everyday work is possible again in large parts of the plants. "All software and hardware components were checked, cleaned or replaced and reinstalled with the help of forensic experts from the IT industry." Some effects, he emphasizes, would accompany the company for a while.

UPDATE, 23 April: Since the ransom was apparently not paid, ALPHV publishes documents that are said to belong to the company.

Incident Date

February 9, 2023



Estimated Cost

Ransom not paid. Operations disrupted ~6 weeks


Type of Malware

No Malware identified

Threat Source