RansomHouse Databreach Extracted 450 GB of Data at Chipmaker AMD

July 30, 2022


After the last few years of disruption and amid the global chip shortage, the company has been attacked by the RansomHouse Extortion Group, which claims to have exfiltrated more than 450 GB of data. The RansomHouse gang did not initially release samples, but AMD acknowledged the breach.

"No, we haven't reached out to AMD as our partners consider it to be a waste of time: it will be more worth it to sell the data rather then wait for AMD representatives to react with a lot of bureaucracy involved," a RansomHouse representative told BleepingComputer. RansomHouse claims that the stolen data includes research and financial information, which they say is being analyzed to determine its value.

The threat actors have not provided any proof of this stolen data other than a few files containing information allegedly collected from AMD's Windows domain. This data includes a leaked a CSV containing a list of over 70,000 devices that appear to belong to AMD's internal network, as well as an alleged list of AMD corporate credentials for users with weak passwords, such as 'password', 'P@ssw0rd', 'amd!23', and 'Welcome1.'

Incident Date

January 5, 2022

Estimated Cost


Type of Malware

No Malware identified