Qullig Energy Corporation Servers in Nunavut Territory Hit by Wide-ranging Cyberattack

May 22, 2023


A wide-ranging cyberattack on the Qulliq Energy Corporation (QEC) in Canada’s Nunavut territory has crippled the company’s administrative offices. Officials with the company said the attack started on January 15 and while power plants are still operating normally, computer systems at the corporation’s customer care and administrative offices are unavailable.
The company cannot accept bill payment through credit cards but customers can pay using cash or through bank transfers. Customers are warned to watch their bank and credit card accounts regularly for unusual activity. They are also being told to consider changing personal passwords for sensitive applications such as email and online banking.

Incident Date

January 15, 2023



Estimated Cost

Shut down of customer care and admin offices’ computer systems.

Type of Malware

No Malware identified

Threat Source

No threat source identified