Outage at Leading Public Medical Institute in India affects Hundreds of Patients and Doctors

March 27, 2023


India’s leading public medical institute, All India Institute of Medical Services, or AIIMS, is experiencing outages following a cyberattack.

AIIMS officials told TechCrunch that patient care services have been badly impacted since early Wednesday. The medical institute moved to manual operations, including writing patient notes by hand, as the server recording patient data stopped working. The outages have resulted in long queues and errors in handling emergency cases and continued till Thursday.
Details of whether the attackers could access any patient data have yet to be publicly announced.

UPDATE [03Jul23]: Former cybersecurity chief says the ransomware attack on AIIMS prompted government to make cyber response framework. “A lot of lessons have come out from the incident from a government point of view, and these will, hopefully be implemented.” As reported by Hindustan Times.

Incident Date

November 23, 2022



Estimated Cost

2 days system outage badly impacting patient care

Type of Malware

No Malware identified

Threat Source

No threat source identified