INCIDENT: OT Pipeline Attack Shuts Down Compression Facility

A cyberattack hit the control and communication assets on the operational technology (OT) network of a natural gas compression facility forcing it to shut down for two days.
An attacker used a spearphishing link to obtain initial access to the organization’s information technology (IT) network before pivoting to its OT network, according to a report from Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). The attacker then deployed commodity ransomware to encrypt data for impact on both networks. Specific assets experiencing a loss of availability on the OT network included human machine interfaces (HMIs), data historians, and polling servers.

Incident Date

February 18, 2020


United States

Estimated Cost


Type of Malware:

No Malware identified

Threat Source:

No threat source identified


  • OT Pipeline Attack Shuts Down Compression Facility


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