Operations Paralyzed Across All Locations of German Automotive Supplier Fritzmeier Gruppe.

June 28, 2023


Hackers paralyzed the Internet, telephone and some machines at the large vehicle supplier Fritzmeier. The attack was detected early Tuesday morning, after which all relevant systems were immediately shut down. "The attack affects all systems across all locations, so that we are currently severely restricted in our ability to work and availability," said the company spokesman Florian Linnerbauer .

Four weeks after the hacker attack, operations are up and running again. However, it is still unclear who is behind the attack. "Currently, all locations are back to normal operation," said Linnerbauer. According to Linnerbauer, the ability to deliver was largely guaranteed during the cyber attack. Thanks to a "comprehensive backup strategy important data could be quickly made available again". After limiting the damage, the focus for the group is on repairing the damage and taking preventive measures.

The actual financial damage for the Fritzmeier Group is currently being evaluated internally. "We cannot and will not provide any information on this for reasons of investigative tactics."

(e Bike supplier ,M1-Sporttechnik, part of the Fritzmeier Group was also affected. )

Incident Date

January 17, 2023



Estimated Cost

Operations disrupted for weeks, cost unknown

Type of Malware

No Malware identified

Threat Source

No threat source identified