INCIDENT: Major Brewer, Molson Coors, Hit By Cyberattack

On March 11, 2021, Molson Coors Beverage Company (the “Company”) announced that it experienced a systems outage that was caused by a cybersecurity incident. The Company has engaged leading forensic information technology firms and legal counsel to assist the Company’s investigation into the incident and the Company is working around the clock to get its systems back up as quickly as possible.
lthough the Company is actively managing this cybersecurity incident, it has caused and may continue to cause a delay or disruption to parts of the Company’s business, including its brewery operations, production, and shipments.

Incident Date

March 11, 2021


United States

Estimated Cost

No cost values disclosed.

Type of Malware:

No Malware identified

Threat Source:

No threat source identified


  • Cyberattack Against Molson Coors Impacts Brewery Operations, Production, and Shipments
  • Major Brewer Hit By Cyberattack



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