Lockbit Ransomware Gang Say Japan Hospital Paid $30K Ransom

October 26, 2022


Russian hackers claim a Japanese hospital paid $30,000 to regain access to electronic medical records. The records were encrypted in a ransomware attack last October, causing major disruption to the medical institution's operations.

At the time of the Oct. 31 attack, Handa Hospital refused to pay the ransom. The hospital said it will build a new electronic medical record system at a cost of 200 million yen.

The town of Tsurugi, which runs the targeted Hospital, has denied paying ransom money. Experts suspect that an IT firm involved in attempts to restore access to the records secretly reached a deal with the hackers.

Japanese police have been urging those targeted in ransomware attacks to not pay money demanded of them.

Incident Date

October 31, 2021



Estimated Cost

$0.5Million ($30,000 in ransomware, $472,000 in mitigation)

Type of Malware

Threat Source