German Wind Turbine Maker Enercon’s Services 90% Restored

April 5, 2022


German wind turbine maker, Enercon GmbH, is still restoring remote monitoring and maintenance capabilities for its turbines affected by a satellite outage at the end of February.
The company said over 90 percent of its 5,800 machines are online. The communication link has been restored for 1,156 wind parks in central Europe and service teams continue to work on the remaining 193 wind farms, the wind turbine manufacturer said Friday.
The remote monitoring and maintenance of the 5,800 machines with a combined output of more than 10 GW was affected by a satellite outage at Viasat on the same day as Russia invaded Ukraine. Viasat also had satellite operations going on in Ukraine and Enercon may have suffered as a part of being collateral damage in the attack.

Incident Date

February 24, 2022



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