INCIDENT: Energy Supplier Entega’s Customer Data Posted on the Dark Web after Ultimatum Expired

Hacker attacks paralyzed the websites of the regional utility Entega and the municipal utility Stadtwerke Mainz. There is no fear of supply interruptions for private and commercial customers, as these systems are separately secured.

At the same time as Entega, the lights also went out on the Stadtwerke Mainz website. Both companies are managed by their joint subsidiary, the IT service provider Count+Care. The malware got into the system because an employee had accidentally opened an email attachment. Entega's website and e-mail server were paralyzed as a result. The systems of the Darmstädter Bauverein and the Frankfurt utility company FES were also affected by the attack on Count+Care, an Entega subsidiary.

To repair the damage, the hackers apparently demanded a ransom of 15 million euros. Entega let the ultimatum expire without paying, and much of the customer data was leaked on the dark web. An Entega spokesman said the majority of customers could be affected, but to varying degrees. The investigation into the stolen data is still ongoing. According to Entega's annual report, the number of customer contracts at the end of 2021 was almost 700,000.

According to information from the Frankfurter Rundschau, the hacker gang "Black Cat" is said to be behind the attacks. The newspaper relies on information from an insider. "Black Cat" was recently also responsible for attacks on the IT systems in the Austrian state of Carinthia , where they also demanded a ransom.

Incident Date

June 12, 2022



Estimated Cost

15 Million demanded ransom not paid. Customer data posted on dark web.


Type of Malware:

No Malware identified

Threat Source:


  • Cyber ​​attack on subsidiary: Entega customer data published en masse on the dark web
  • 15 million euros ransom demanded – Entega did not pay
  • Hackers knock out two German energy suppliers
  • Hackers attack Entega and Mainz public utilities


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