DESFA, Greece’s Natural Gas Supplier, Suffers Cyberattack

August 23, 2022


Greece’s largest natural gas supplier, DESFA, said Saturday it fell victim to a cyberattack on part of its IT infrastructure by cybercriminals who tried to gain access to electronic files and with a confirmed impact on the availability of certain systems and possible leakage of a number of files and data.
Ragnar Locker ransomware group claimed them as its victim on Friday by leaking some of the DEFSA data.
“We managed to ensure and continue the operation of the National Natural Gas System (NSGS) in a safe and reliable manner,” the company said in an advisory. “The management of DESFA continues to operate smoothly and DESFA continues to supply natural gas to all entry and exit points of the country safely and adequately. We are investigating the root causes of the attack and have mobilized teams of technical and specialist experts to assist us in this matter and in getting the systems back up and running as soon as possible.”

Incident Date

August 19, 2022



Estimated Cost

360GB data stolen, operations not impacted


Type of Malware

Threat Source