Colonial Pipeline Ops Shut Down after Ransomware Attack

May 10, 2021


Colonial Pipeline, which operates a major pipeline system that transports fuel across the East Coast, fell victim to a ransomware attack Friday and halted all pipeline operations while it dealt with the incident, company officials said. Colonial Pipeline did not say what was demanded or who made the demand. Ransomware attacks are typically carried out by criminal hackers who seize data and demand a large payment in order to release it.

UPDATE: The FBI has established that the DarkSide is to blame for the assaults. The DarkSide appears to be unaffiliated with any nation-states, claiming in a statement that "our purpose is to generate money [not to create] issues for society" and that it is apolitical. DarkSide announced its closure in the aftermath of the pipeline assault.

Incident Date

May 7, 2021

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