Chinese Identified Hackers Targeting Hawaii Water Utilities and unidentified Oil & Gas Pipeline in US

December 12, 2023


Chinese hackers are positioning themselves inside critical US infrastructure by targeting careless office workers in a bid to cause 'societal chaos' from within should war break out.
Beijing's military have burrowed into more than 20 major suppliers in the last year alone including a water utility in Hawaii, a major West Coast port and at least one oil and gas pipeline, analysts have revealed. They have bypassed elaborate cyber security systems by intercepting passwords and log-ins unguarded by junior employees, leaving China 'sitting on a stockpile of strategic' vulnerabilities.

"It is very clear that Chinese attempts to compromise critical infrastructure are in part to pre-position themselves to be able to disrupt or destroy that critical infrastructure in the event of a conflict" stated Brandon Wales, executive director of the Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

As a result of these cyber concerns, the Biden administration introduced mandatory regulations for industries in the oil and gas pipeline sector in summer 2021. Additionally, the Environmental Protection Agency introduced a directive for states to disclose cyber threats within their public water system evaluations in March. After that, three states filed lawsuits against the administration, alleging excessive regulatory control.

Incident Date

December 11, 2023

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No cost values disclosed.

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