Brunswick Corp. Recovering from Serious Cyberattack

June 24, 2023


Marine industry giant Brunswick Corporation suffered a serious breach on June 13. The incident affecting part of its computer systems and its facilities at sites around the world.

On June 22 the company reported that all of its main manufacturing facilities are back online. Most of its primary distribution centers are back up and running. The rest of its locations should restart within a few more days, the firm said. The Mercury Marine plant in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin was among the locations affected, a spokesperson told local media. The site was not fully shut down by the cyberattack and many employees remained at work. Brunswick's management teams are focused on ramping production back up and filling backorders created by the shutdown. The process of catching up will likely continue through the third quarter, the company said.

On August 22, the company CEO stated that the ransomware attack would cost it “as much as $85 million.” “We have the opportunity to recover some lost production and distribution across our businesses, which will partially offset lost days in the second quarter. However, lost production days on high horsepower outboard engines will be challenging to recover because the production schedule was already full for the balance of the year.”

Incident Date

June 13, 2023

Estimated Cost

$85 million. Production and distribution paused > 1 week, effects expected to last into Q3

Type of Malware

No Malware identified

Threat Source

No threat source identified