AlphV Ransomware Gang attacks Canadian Defense Contractor

December 6, 2022


On May 31, 2022, CMC Electronics (CMC) identified that an unauthorized third-party had gained access to their computer network and disrupted operations in connection with a ransom demand. They proactively took steps to shut down network to protect systems and data. AlphV ransomware claimed responsibility on their site.

Procurement records show CMC has done millions in work for the Canadian Armed Forces, chiefly in aerospace engineering and research and development — approximately $19.5 million since 2011, according to DND.
The majority of the contracts (66) were for research and development or engineering services.

According to the FBI, AlphV, also called BlackCat, had compromised at least 60 organizations worldwide as of March 2022..

Incident Date

May 31, 2022



Estimated Cost


Type of Malware

No Malware identified

Threat Source