Bay & Bay, a MN medium-sized Trucking Company, Pays “Five-Figure” Ransom

December 26, 2022


On July 12, 2018, Bay & Bay was hit with a variant of the SamSam ransomware “I Apologize”. The attack locked up the servers and desktop computers and demanded payment to decrypt those critical systems. Bay & Bay’s IT staff initially attempted to restore its systems, but the process suddenly stopped as an active hacker thwarted their efforts and backup points started disappearing right before their eyes. After consulting with numerous cybersecurity experts, contacting a legal firm and even speaking with the FBI, Bay & Bay decided the best course of action was to pay the ransom. Bay & Bay was able to recover 98% of its information, and forensic analysis showed that none of its data was stolen or transferred off-site.

Incident Date

July 12, 2018

Estimated Cost

"five figure" ransom paid / recovery efforts "in six figures"

Type of Malware

Threat Source

No threat source identified