INCIDENT: Global Freight Forwarding Company, Expeditors Intl., hit by Ransomware Attack.

Seattle-based logistics giant Expeditors International said it had shut down most of its operating systems in response to a cyberattack disclosed Sunday, raising fears of further stress on already fragile global supply chains, reported the WSJ. Speculation has focused on the possibility that hackers froze the systems for ransom, but Expeditors has not described the exact nature of the attack. In a statement, the freight-forwarding company said it currently has a “limited ability” to conduct operations, including arranging freight shipments and managing customs and distribution activities.
The company expects the cyberattack will have a material adverse impact on its business, revenues, expenses, results of operations, cash flows and reputation.

Incident Date

February 20, 2022


United States

Estimated Cost


Type of Malware:

Threat Source:

No threat source identified


  • Expeditors outlines severity of cyberattack, partially resumes operations
  • Expeditors Targeted in Cyber-attack
  • US logistics giant Expeditors International goes down in major cyberattack



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