French boat manufacturer Beneteau SA suffered a cyberattack which is now resulting in the company slowing down or stopping some of its production.

The company first noticed the attack, which it is calling a malware intrusion, during the night of Feb. 18 to Feb. 19. The company quickly disconnected its information systems to prevent a further spread, it said Sunday.

While the deployment of backup systems will allow Beneteau’s activities to start again, production at some of its units, particularly in France, will have to slow down or stop for a few days.


Groupe Beneteau released a statement, saying:

“During the night of February 18 to 19, Groupe Beneteau detected a malware intrusion affecting some of its servers. As a precautionary measure, all of the information systems were disconnected in order to prevent it from spreading.

“Several production units, notably in France, will have to slow down or stop their production activities for a few days.

“Accompanied by experts and the relevant authorities, the Group’s teams are fully mobilized to address the consequences of this attack. Firstly, the deployment of a backup application and systems will enable activities to start up again securely, but in degraded mode. Alongside this, investigations will continue moving forward with a view to fully restoring all of the Group’s systems.

“At this stage, the impacts of this incident on EBIT are covered by the insurance policies put in place by the Group.

“Groupe Beneteau’s management team would like to thank its customers and suppliers for their understanding and support, as well as all of the Group’s teams for their responsiveness and dedication.

“Further information will be published on Thursday February 25 when the Group reports its revenues for the year ended December 31, 2020.”