South Korea

March 5, 2022: Samsung Hit in Cyberattack

South Korea-based Samsung suffered a cyberattack over the weekend, but it doesn’t see there being any impact on its business or customers, company officials said Monday.
South American hacking group Lapsus$ said it had stolen 190GB of confidential data, including source code, from the tech giant’s servers. The group also posted snapshots of data online.
Samsung confirmed in a statement there was a security breach, but it said there was no compromise of customer personal information.
“We were recently made aware that there was a security breach relating to certain internal company data. Immediately after discovering the incident, we strengthened our security system,” the company said.

May 14, 2021: South Korea’s Atomic Agency Suffers Hack Attack

The intrusion took place in May by what is believed to be an attack group operating out of North Korea, said a KAERI spokesperson. The incident occurred May 14 and the attackers got in through a vulnerability in a virtual private network (VPN) server. KAERI is the government organization that conducts research on nuclear power and nuclear fuel technology.

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